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What does a history of coffee look like that has endured the test of time?

It looks like Café  Artesanal Juayua.  

Grown in the highlands of El Salvdor, tucked away in small coffee plantations Las LLuvias (Rain) and La Montaña (Mountain) on ancestral land that has been passed on from generation to generation

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comes from the precolonial

language of the native Pipil [pee-pe-ill] people,

meaning "land of purple flower", for the abundance of wild orchids 

that once grew in the surrounding rain forest.

Today, Juayúa is a historical town

located in the Central American country of El Salvador.

Surrounded by lush volcanoes, natural springs and coffee groves,

it is situated in the famous mountainous coffee growing region of





Our family

has lived in these picturesque

lands for hundreds of years.  They are the

indigenous communities of  the past, still present.

.  With the tide of change brought by conquests, governments and revolutions

some have of us have left but many continue to endure in the land of the ancestors. 

This unique aspect of family history reads against the backdrop of a country where "coffee is king."  Introduced to El Salvador in the 1800's, coffee growing quickly dominated the export market.  This boom, had major effects on the land, people and how El Salvador would be governed for centuries.     

To help support and make the 

small coffee farms in El Salvador sustainable,

Café Artesanal Juayúa was created, making a

continuous chain of grower, roaster, seller in one family line.

While uncles, aunts and cousins work year long by caring and tending after coffee trees.  We here at Café Artesanal Juayua work to sustain, package and provide quality coffee that embodies all the patience and passion needed to make

a delicious cup of coffee.

Ancestral Land

The  beginning of great coffee has its start in the right soil, sunlight, rainfall and care. These coffee farms have a long history of providing such attentions to its inhabitants... 



Every coffee cherry is selected by skilled local workers, which usually consist of family member.  Much care is given to pick just the perfectly ripened fruit in season...  



The perfect roast is the crown to coffee that has been nurtured all year long.  At Café Artesanal Juayúa, we believe that a light-medium roast brings out the best in these special beans...

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Final Product

Final Product
Change you can savor

After months of: 

rain and sunshine, growing then harvesting, washing to drying, and finally caring with sorting, 

We are left with the perfect beans to brew.

A cup full of goodness 

with flavor notes of chocolate with citrus, mingled with bright acidity, and a smooth finish on the palate.


But most importantly, our business model has the most direct impact on the coffee grower's community  throughout all of Juayúa.  This type of sustainability reaches, grower, buyer and consumer.  Where you enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee and we can continue to preserve heritage and community.  

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Family Timeline


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