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The Perfect Roast

      To get coffee cherries ready for roast, a detailed process takes place.  Which, like much of coffee is labor intensive and a craft all of its own.

Process:  After picking, day lots are selected for different processes (treatment of seed will dramatically change the final cup).  For the 2022/2023 harvest, cherries will be processed: wash, honey, and natural.

DRY:  Next the seeds are laid out to dry.  Drying time can vary, due to the method in which the seeds are processed.  During this time special care is taken to prevent the seeds from molding or fermenting (too long).  We use both patio and drying beds.

HULL: Now the papery outer cover that remains after drying, --known as parchment, is removed mechanically.  Coffee is usually stored as parchment (pergamino), which helps to protect the coffee when it is warehoused.


SORT:  Mechanical and hand sorting is used at the dry mill.  Any bean that has a defect (cracked, immature, infected, etc.) or debris is seperated.  This is why it is called café oro (gold coffee) in El Salvador --pure perfection. 

ROAST: Our roast of choice is Medium (canelito).  It brings out the best in our coffee: aroma, flavor, acidity, sweetness and body.  Roasting is done by local roasters and friends Ground Up Coffee in Montebello, CA.   

Small hand cranked de-pulper, used on very small day lots for family use.

COLLABORATIONS:  Working with coffee has been an enriching journey, where people from different walks of life intersect with this popular beverage.  Our first collaboration with Cycle N Motion, El Sereno lead us to develop a new roast: Golden Dose.  A new take on our popular process Honey but with a darker roast.  Taylored for the cycling community, Golden Dose roast is best enjoyed in an espresso drink.

wash coffee
drying patios coffee mill
honey process / semi-wash coffee
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