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Finca La Montaña

High above at 1,500 masl you will find Finca La Montaña, prized family inheritance on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Cordillera.

In the crip mountain air, our heirloom Borbon coffee plants are classified as strict altitude (estricta altura / SHG).  Specialty coffee with rich flavor that only cherries matured unhurried, with an ideal southern exposure can possess.


Much attention is given to the neighboring fauna as well, insuring that native trees, such as, zapote and avocado continue to thrive in their native space.  While mutually providing these coffee beans with a characteristic flavor and aroma.      

Finca Las Lluvias

Preserved from one generation to another, Finca Las Lluvias (Rain) is a coffee farm that contains within itself not only the history of coffee in El Salvador but the history of our family, Los Diegos --natives to the land even before coffee took root and El Salvador birthed.

Today Finca Las Lluvias grows strict altitude (estricta altura / SHG) coffee cherries of three varieties: heirloom Bourbon, Pacas and Catimor at the altitude of more than 1,200 masl, under the cover of fruit trees, such as the unique Pepeto tree.  These beans are nurtured by a rich surrounding ecosystem, that is present in the flavor notes they develop. 

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