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Harvesting in Juayúa

Coffee harvest season in Juayúa starts in late November, with Finca Las Lluvias providing the first fruits of the season. By mid and late December Finca La  Montaña, which is higher in altitude, emerges in vibrant crimson.


Ripe cherries are picked each day on strategic areas of the different farms. This work continues well into the month of January.  Local neighbors and family comprise the diligent workforce.  After each day of cortando café (picking cherries), the harvest is weighed and proper payment assigned to the designated worker.  


Everyone's collective efforts are packed into quintales (100 lbs  sacks) daily and sent for processing at one of the  local coffee mills.  For the 2022/2023 season we are working with BuenaVista Coffee Mill.  

Prior to roasting, cherries must go through a transformative journey, from pulped fruit to polished seed...   

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