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XuaYua Collection / HONEY Micro-Lot Pacamara date & chamomile with grapefruit

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Honey Process / whole bean / Finca Los Angeles of the current 2021/2022 season. Has a smooth body with a medium roast, pleasant warm honey sweetness, hints of date & chamomile with grapefruit citrus flavor notes.

Coffee Varietal : Pacamara (this variety has a characteristic large bean, which was developed in El Salvador)

  • single origin- beans come from one coffee farm, allowing for the signature taste of this area to be maintained without the mixture of other coffee varieties and harvest practices.
  • S H G- coffee cherries are grown in an altitude of 4,900 ft., all those misty mornings and covering trees provide for a coffee that has taken its time to develop in flavor.
  • ancestral land- the land on which this coffee is farmed has been preserved from generation to generation, linking us directly to the indigenous communities of the region long before coffee migrated to the area
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*Please allow 1-3 days for processing online orders

**Our website prices are adjusted to account for the cost of shipping. At our shop online prices are not valid

***Beans are roasted weekly in Los Angeles by Ground Up Coffee Roasters

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